The Olivine Sparkling range is the new name for our old method champenoise range. Back when my Dide` (means grandfather in Yugoslav) was the winemaker, he made a carbonated wine called Olivine. Dide` named the wine after the semi-precious stone, Olivine, which has an olive green colour, very similar to the colour of the bottles that the wine was packaged in. I’m pretty proud of my family’s history and thought Olivine would be another way to keep our family’s history living. We have sealed the Olivine range with a stainless steel crown seal, which will guarantee that your wine will definitely taste how it should do and will have as many bubbles as the day we bottled it!! Sparkling wines sealed with corks have just as much chance of being spoiled by cork taint as normal red and white wines. Also, corks lose their sealing capabilities over time, especially with the pressure involved with sealing sparkling wines. This means that the carbon dioxide (bubbles) in the wine will slowly seep out of the wine, leaving you with a flat bottle of sparkling wine..... or not so sparkling. We’ve figured out that we handle each bottle around 40 times between filling the bottle and selling the bottle, so there’s been a lot of TLC gone into each bottle of the Olivine wines!

  • Shimmer Frizzante  image

    Shimmer Frizzante

    Colour:  Hibiscus red.

    Nose:    Strawberries, raspberries

    Palate:  Strawberries and cream with a hint of sweetness.

    Drink:   Chilled, perfect now.

    Medium sweet with refreshing acidity this sparkling Frizzzante is a fun way to start any evening and also works as a great palate cleanser at the end of a meal. Made from Shiraz, this wine displays bright lifted raspberry fruits and a fine, delicate fizz.

  • Shimmer - Sparkling image

    Shimmer - Sparkling

    Colour:  Pale straw with green tints; persistent bead.

    Nose:    Passionfruit and orange pastilles, pears, biscuits, bread dough.

    Palate:  Refreshing, off dry, persistent acid, creamy mousse, ripe peach.

    Drink:    Chilled, perfect now and up to 3 years.

    Shimmer is a new addition to our sparkling range, made as an  easy to drink style to suit most palates. The acid structure of Chenin Blanc lends itself perfectly to sparkling styles. Shimmer matches most canapé's and soft cheeses. A perfect celebration wine best enjoyed in great company.

  • Olivine - Brut image

    Olivine - Brut

    Colour:  Straw with green tints; persistent bead.

    Nose:    Elderflower, musk, oyster shells, soy sauce, bread dough, robust.

    Palate:  Lively grapefruit and tangerine acid, white stonefruit, honey, creamy mousse.

    Drink:    Chilled, perfect now and for at least 5 years.

    The rare Madeleine grapes give robust flavours to this wine and we have left it extremely dry and crisp. As the wine ages in the bottle, it will develop yeasty flavours, adding a further dimension to the wine. This wine has a longstanding, loyal fan base and is made in the traditional method.

  • Olivine - Rouge image

    Olivine - Rouge

    Colour:  Vibrant plum red; persistent bead.

    Nose:    Cassis, black cherry, mulberry.

    Palate:  Plum, blackcurrant, grippy tannins, and rich fleshy mid palate.

    Drink:    Chilled, perfect now and for 8 years.

    The Olivine Rouge marks the return of our beautiful sparkling red range. Made from carefully selected Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes,being a 50/50 blend this wine is an excellent example of what sparkling red can be. This wine is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to strong game meats. The Rouge is made in the traditional method.